“We All Drink Downstream” day

Welcome to remembering “We All Drink Downstream”

* community access Forward Radio production of our conversation here * Check it out!

Speakers on Metro Sewer and development bias in Louisville, safer chemical future, petrochem buildout lies, water toxics and health – Teena Halbig from KY United Nations and Floyd Fork Environmental Association, Sheron Lear from Floyd’s Fork and OVER 60 years experience in the health care system, Al Huang from Coming Clean and the National Resource Defense Council, Attica Scott District 41 State Rep, Dennis Dolan citizen impacted by bad sewer design, Louisville youth consciousness rap group Mighty Shades of Ebony and Lionheart, Alice Melendez, Deanna Rushing and Alex Akers of Extinction Rebellion Kentucky, Justin Mog from Forward Radio. Thanks guys for helping put this together!

Rep. Scott on Drinking Downstream
Fight Climate Change or Die Frying
Mighty Shades of Ebony and Lionheart recording for the community radio hour
You can see yourself in the water

We can see ourselves in the water. We all drink downstream.

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