Toxic Tour Part 1

** A special note about Louisville’s Most Recent Petrochemical Disaster– The Anderson Finishing warehouse 3100 Del Park caught fire last week due to lightning strike <; The lightning strike is an “act of God” but it’s all “Man” that concentrates a warehouse of these toxic chemicals in the Russell neighborhood in Louisville, as in RubbertownContinue reading “Toxic Tour Part 1”

Everything Speaks

Most of the time when I write to the “world internet audience” or to “the people who have given me/xrebelky their email addresses,” I’m doing a sort of survey of the literature, painting a picture in news and analysis of the state of affairs, perhaps crafting them into a rough narrative. But today I wantContinue reading “Everything Speaks”

Welcome/current projects

The battle to stop the fracking/petrochemical refinery poisoning of the Ohio River… * As fossil fuel producers/refiners face potential for decreasing demand for auto and power plant fuel, they look for opportunities to shift into diesel for mining, jet fuel, chemicals and plastics. Plastics is a major growth market. Recent overproduction of natural gas whichContinue reading “Welcome/current projects”

Transcript – The Race to Save the World panel

Transcript of local premier of The Race To Save The World in Louisville Panelists: Alice Melendez, Joe Gantz, Bill Moyer, Miriam Kashia, Justin Mog, Michael Foster, Alex Akers, Deanna Rushing TO ACCESS THE LINKS HIT CTRL AND DOUBLE CLICK “link here” Alice Melendez: Miriam, Justin, Bill and Joe as well, what, tell us who youContinue reading “Transcript – The Race to Save the World panel”

Meet-up July 8: How we run “The Race to Save the World”

The friends behind XR-KY bring you this documentary, and a chance to meet-up in Louisville or on Zoom (or both) and talk about your take– how you think we best run The Race to Save the World. Interested in the in-person gathering, email xrebelky (at) protonmail dot com. *Post updated with post-event resources, registration nowContinue reading “Meet-up July 8: How we run “The Race to Save the World””

False solutions, pumping the brakes, and why we aren’t: an introduction

Strategies like proforestation and regenerative agriculture heal and support the earth’s capacity to heal. But powerful moneyed interests work every angle to protect their advantage at the expense of Life on Earth. Angles like claiming that cutting down forests and grinding them up and burning them produces green energy. Angles we can seeContinue reading “False solutions, pumping the brakes, and why we aren’t: an introduction”

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