Welcome/current projects

The battle to stop the fracking/petrochemical refinery poisoning of the Ohio River… * As fossil fuel producers/refiners face potential for decreasing demand for auto and power plant fuel, they look for opportunities to shift into diesel for mining, jet fuel, chemicals and plastics. Plastics is a major growth market. Recent overproduction of natural gas whichContinue reading “Welcome/current projects”

False solutions, pumping the brakes, and why we aren’t: an introduction

Strategies like proforestation and regenerative agriculture heal and support the earth’s capacity to heal. https://www.ehn.org/forest-carbon-sequestration-2649749746.html But powerful moneyed interests work every angle to protect their advantage at the expense of Life on Earth. Angles like claiming that cutting down forests and grinding them up and burning them produces green energy. https://www.dogwoodalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/The-Great-American-Stand-Report.pdf Angles we can seeContinue reading “False solutions, pumping the brakes, and why we aren’t: an introduction”

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